Are you thinking about a career in dentistry?

 Tri-County Dental supports students who wish to pursue a career in dentistry including those who plan to apply to a dental school or are undecided but show an interest in the field.  All are welcomed to shadow our volunteers at an appointed time.  Those individuals who are planning to apply to a dental school and wish to commit to the following program are considered Pre-Dental Volunteers.
The pre-dental program is designed to teach students the ins and outs of dentistry.  The more time and effort a student gives to the program, the more tasks and duties a student will be able to perform.  The staff dental assistants will supervise and help students throughout the program.  Staff dental assistants will give students more tasks and duties as they feel comfortable that the student is ready.
Pre-Dental Students are asked to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to seeing their first patient.  The first day, Pre-Dental students will be observing the dental students or dentist treating patients.  As the pre-dental students feel more comfortable with the clinic and patients and procedures, they may assist the dental students, with guidance from the staff dental assistants.  Pre-dental students are asked to please have all necessary paperwork filled out prior to the first day of volunteering.  

Please review the Predent Packet outlining rules and expectations while at Tri-County Dental