Wetherbee Orthodontics Program

It is well recognized that many low-income and Medicaid patients that are treated by free-clinics, such as TCD, have orthodontics based needs which cannot be handled in a general dentistry setting.  These needs present a number of problems throughout an individual’s life starting with self-esteem when they are very young and continuing to have negative effects on their appearance and ability to interview well as adults.  Although these issues may sound more cosmetic, the result of these issues often results in an aggressive and/or defensive manor and is believed to frequently cause individuals to not reach their full potential.  The need for orthodontics goes beyond cosmetic to a variety of health issues including severity of bite, overcrowding of the upper and lower jaw, headache complications and drastic alignment issues to name the most obvious.  It is a key belief of those affiliated with the Wetherbee Orthodontics program that children properly treated will be more outgoing and better students in school with a far higher degree of self-assurance, and will ultimately have a more promising future.  This program will provide approximately 50 to 70 children with orthodontic care each year by local Orthodontists. In order for a patient to receive orthodontic treatment under TCD guidelines, his/her need must be identified by one of the volunteer dentists at the clinic or on the bus.